We suppose we could go on for ages about how carefully we select each one of our partners, how long these businesses has been around (`a minimum of 5 years), the time these companies take to finally become a service provider (about 8 weeks) and the process they go through before they form part of the 0800-BE-COOL team (ok, you get the idea, this could be a long sentence), but we won’t.

Seriously, were a young dynamic company uniquely positioned to be highly selective with whom we let into our system. and that’s sets our members apart. And that’s all you need to know. (If however, you’re one of those really inquisitive types, feel free to chat with any 0800-BE-COOL member you might meet someday – I’m sure any one of our partners would love to share more about our company – just don’t expect to be leaving without a service offer.)