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At 0800-BE-COOL, we understand that proper service and cleaning of dirty air-conditioner's is officially one of the most neglected jobs in our trade. 0800-BE-COOL - AC Super Service, is SA's original specialist AC Cleaning & Service, with service partners in all major areas, we have professional cleaning and service teams ready to clean and service your air-conditioner like it has never been before. Why not sit back, and see how a air-conditioner should be serviced.



We can clean all kinds of Air-conditioners, as well as Hide Away, Cassette , Underceiling, Extractor Fans, safely and efficiently!

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At 0800-BE-COOL we pride ourselves on first class service and high quality cleaning. Our smartly uniformed mobile technicians are courteous, knowledgeable and carry out professional quality AC Service & cleans. Our friendly specialists always go the extra mile for our customers, and our customers love us because of it!


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Why use 0800-BE-COOL AC Super Service?

Our Customers trust us

Don't take our word for it - See What Our Customers Say, With 0800-BE-COOL, you can expect a courteous, reliable and friendly service from fully trained, AC professionals Scroll down to see What Our Customers Say.

We're experienced

0800-BE-COOL Partners have been putting smiles on customers faces for over 20 years, and together with Samsung SA were proud to be part of one of the longest established AC Service networks in SA. ( Fourways Air-conditioning)

We're convenient

The work is finished within hours and Air-conditioners are safe and ready to use immediately

We put safety first

0800-BE-COOL uses an innovative, no added caustic system, which means your air-conditioner is safe, hygienic and free of nasty mold dust and dirt.

We have high standards

Our process removes all dust, dirt and mold from deap inside your air-conditioner, whilst fully protecting the metal and plastic surface of your air-conditioner. 0800-BE-COOL AC SUPER SERVICE specialists also carry stock of replacement capacitors, batteries and a full compliment of spare parts for your convenience.

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Customer Testimonials

Michelle Viljoen said:

"service fantastic thx Steven and office staff"

TST Consulting CC said:

"Value for money and top class service"

Green House Health said:

"prompt response to request for quote.

Good communication and liaison.

Friendly and hard working staff. Well executed."

Sharon Du Toit said:

"Service off and on site was amazing. Thank you."

Cash Connect said:

"I was ecstatic that the gentlemen worked so fast! And he was super friendly as well. A job well done!"

C&S said:

"Price was competitive. Service was quick and friendly."

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Did u Know?

0800-BE-COOL AC Super Service was specially developed in SA for the Local HVAC market, and is based on internationally aclaimed AC Service and Cleaning methods,

With registered specialists nationwide 0800-BE-COOL is one of the fastest growing AC Service and cleaning networks in SA.

0800-BE-COOL uses an innovative, food grade cleaning agents, with no added caustic system, which means your Air-conditioner is safe to use, hygienic clean, and free of nasty mold dust and fungus.

It's not just Airconditioners we clean! We can rejuvenate any freshair or extraction system !

We clean all types of Air-conditioner too, Midwall Split, Underceiling, Cassette, you name it! Contact your local specialist today for an estimate.

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